6 interpreters and 1 book. Unique.

I have seen this land in the pages of this book, divided in two because recounted by two different instrunents: image and word. But oni is not at the service of the other, each tells its own tale. Each, working in parallel, moves to its own beat. its own logic, its own space, its own movements with their stops and starts; like music, it is made of sounds and silences. The tale told by the images of Virglio Fidanza goes directly to the essence of the landscape, its light and shade, its straight and curved lines, renouncing the empty warmth of summer and sunlight. The essence of the actors is recounte, rigorously and with respect, treating them as persons and not as roles which have been assumed. The words of Marco Magnoli give us a spare and rigorous overall picture and description, and without this it would be difficult to come to terms with the many questions which flock in our minds. A brief account of the land in its most intimate nature, its loving relationship to the wine, is furnished by Francesco Lizio Bruno. The words of agronimist Alessandro Zanutta and of Serena Imazio, an expert in grape varieties, give us vital information for a better understanding of the territory and the origins of the many grapes which are cultivated. Then there are the words six grower-producers of Oslavia (why only six? someone does not wish to be part of the group?) who, withthe modesty of men who till the soil, recount the life of Oslavia, their Ribolla Gialla, their wines, their joys and - fortunately - occasional sorrows. The show with proper pride their families, their vineyards, their cellars, and - with tears in their eyes - their wines. And, last but not leats, a few confidential words, almost those of one of the family, are added by Patrizia Felluga, president of the Collio producers consortium and by Giannola Nonino, queen of grappa distillers. All created, organized, and placed in good ordere on the page by graphic study Mumble Design. A discreet overall direction of the project was supplied by the Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli.

Gigi Brozzoni

Author: Gigi Brozzoni
Transmedia Editore 2011
288 pages
Texts: ita/eng/slo