Nicolò Bensa - La Castellada

"When the vine are young Ribolla Gialla is very generous in its yields, it needs to be tamed and

Stanko Radikon - Radikon

I don't wish to say that good Ribolla can only be produced at Oslavia, but certainly only on

Rinaldo Fiegl - Fiegl

"On our estate we have Ribolla Gialla vineyards which are around sixty years old, right in the

Silvan Primosic - Primosic

"Ribolla Gialla has always been the true banner of Oslavia, even before the Collio Consortium and

Dario Prinčič - Dario Prinčič

"If you move Ribolla elsewhere, it gives something, bot only uo to a certain point, nothing more.

Franco Sosol - Il Carpino

"Ribolla Gialla is not suited to every micro-climate. We see that ourselves in Oslavia, a small area